MPU gets involved

MPU gets involved

In May this year we were blessed by Francois Willemse and his team at MPU Copiers in Nelspruit.
They were so kind to donate a desperately needed copier machine to the school.
It is used to supply the curriculum to the children on a daily basis.
Thank you Francois!!
Missio Dei Drop In Centers

Missio Dei Drop In Centers

In the local township, Meqheleng, most children come home from school to an empty home.

They end up on the streets exposed to the dangers of street life.


A center was identified where children could attend after school, receive a meal and be safe. Currently there are two centers of this nature in our township.

The objective of the centers is to give the children love, give them individual care and help with Mathematics and English. Also to identify vulnerable children and refer them to Social Workers.

We use volunteers from the community to help us in this regard.

The Drop-In center was started in July 2015 and through the years we have gained valuable experience.

In January 2018 we trained 8 volunteers for two intensive weeks and they help us with teaching the children Mathematics, Phonics and Reading. Training is continued on a weekly basis through the year.

The volunteers are enrolled in a discipleship program on a weekly basis, this ensure unity and excellence amongst the volunteers.

At Mehopung Primary School and Qhowaneng Primary School 145 Children in Gr3 were identified by their teachers to receive extra attention.

We have an excellent relationship with the Principle and HOD. Some of the feedback that we received from them was:
‘These kids were identified as slow learners, but now they have passed the other learners.’

We believe this is due to the joined effort between the Drop-in centre and the teachers. The individual attention gives children confidence. This enables them to improve their concentration in the classroom.

Through the grace of God all our children passed last year.