Kruik was formed in 2009 by a group of friends who saw the need of bringing the hope of the Gospel to the multi-cultural society of South Africa.  It is a organisation with the goal of sourcing funding for projects they believe in.  Special focus is placed on the upliftment of people and the teaching of the Gospel in the workplace.

The South African community is uniquely characterised by different cultures and race.  The groups are not isolated from each other and have to engage in relationships in different circumstances.  Historically these relationships have been marked by tension.  KRUIK believes that the love of Christ is the cement that can hold communities together and assist them in helping each other and loving each other.

Their first project in 2009 started in the Eastern Free State where the goal was to encourage good relationships between farmers and their workers.  During this time their path crossed with the farmers of MD and a partnership was formed between them resulting in them working together to bring hope in the community.

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