Missio Dei Healthcare Centre



The Missio Dei Health Care Centre is situated on one of our farms close to the town of Ficksburg.  It was established in 2010 when Patricia Molipa heard of MD Foundation and came looking for help. Caring for terminally ill people in an abandoned dilapidated nursery school in the township she had a heart for her community and was battling to make ends meet caring for everyone from her own pocket.  Initially our involvement was to supply food and assistance where we could. We soon realized that the community was suffering without proper support. There was no institution that families could turn to for assistance with terminally ill people.

During January 2011 one of the houses on a MD farm was developed into a fully operational health care centre with hospital standard rooms.  Under Patricia’s management the centre has gone from strength to strength. The focus of the centre is especially to create awareness on HIV and care for critically ill HIV positive patients.  It can accommodate 14 patients. 17 Full time caregivers are employed at the centre.Trying to adhere to the need, we have also developed a home base caregiver program and home-based caregivers have been trained to care for the sick in their own home.  Currently they are caring for more than 60 patients in their homes. We are also assisted by the local Methodist Church in this project.

Our challenge remains to fund the growth of the health care centre, to accommodate more patients, to employ more medical staff and home-based caregivers.  We have also been faced with vulnerable children turning to the health care centre for help.  Our future plans include building a separate centre where children can be accommodated and cared for as no such institution exists in our community.

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