Our Farming Divisions

The beef cattle division of the farming enterprise manages the beef cows on veldt and also run a feedlot where both beef and dairy calves are finished before slaughter. 

A lot of time and effort is spent on maintaining a healthy, well-fed herd that produce healthy calves. 

A small Simmentaler stud is also managed in this division, mainly to produce top quality bulls that are used on the commercial side of the enterprise. 

Once again, high standards are set and adhered to in the management of our animals

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In this division, land is cultivated to produce cash crops such as maize, sunflowers, dry beans, wheat and soy beans.

This division is also responsible to provide silage to the dairy and beef cattle, as well as the planting of any other feed needed.

Cutting and baling of grass for both the dairy and beef cattle is a managed here.

We prioritize the implementation of innovative technology and science in this division 

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Our dairy herd is a combination of Holstein and Jersey cows. With a large herd of up to 2500 cows, we manage to keep 1200 in production year round. 

The dairy has won many accolades, including but not limited to Master Dairy. Provincially, we are the 5 times consecutive victors in this division, while we have also managed to champion the division nationally.

Here, we are driven by perfection. Every single member of our team performs their task to the highest standard. 

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We own and manage the local outdoor store in our community.

We deal in arms, outdoor gear as well as select high quality clothing and accessories.

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