Through strength and unity, we can –

Make God’s Kingdom visible on earth.


“…divide your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house…”      – Isaiah 58:7

MD Foundation (Pty) Ltd was formed in 2010 when 5 family-owned farming operations came together after each individually reached a point where change was inevitable.  Confronted with challenges they found themselves at a turning point in their lives having to decide whether to carry on farming or to pursue other ventures. But one question kept popping up:  What about the people? 180 people stood to lose their work and their income.

MD Foundation (Pty) Ltd is a community of believers with the common purpose of making God’s Kingdom visible on earth. We uplift the community through farming. With agriculture as our mainn business venture we employ, educate and care for aproximatly 2500 people.

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