Missio Dei Clinic en Drop in Centre

Missio Dei is responsible for managing our purpose: to help people.  Currently the projects are:

Missio Dei School

Quality education remains a challenge in rural communities.  Children are faced with numerous hardships including no transport to school and sub-standard levels of education.  Language remains an issue as children in rural areas are less exposed to different languages. Once they are behind in education a snow ball effect causes them to be behind in securing employment which subsequently causes numerous social problems that our country faces each day.

In 2012 we started off with a preprimary class and a grade R class for the local children.  Our aim was to lift the standard of education and grow the school as the children move on to the next standard.  We soon realized that the task at hand was one of mammoth proportions. A shed on one of the farms was allocated to develop the school as it was strategically placed in the center of our community.  Several volunteers stepped in and provided assistance at all levels: financially, providing expertise and volunteering to do the work. What started off in a one room classroom grew into a fully equipped school.  Today we are humbled to say that we have 145 children enrolled at the school in gr RR- gr 5. Our personnel include 8 full-time teachers and one administrative manager. In school children are not only equipped academically and physically but also guided into a close relationship with Jesus.

The need has overwhelmed us.  Sadly we had to turn some children away as we simply cannot accommodate everyone.  Word of mouth has brought more and more people to us wanting to place their children in the school.  We will have to extend the school in order to accommodate more children. This will implicate more teachers and more staff and more classrooms.

Bonang Bacha Health Care Centre

The Bonang Bacha Health Care Centre is situated on one of our farms close to the town of Ficksburg.  It was established in 2010 when Patricia Molipa heard of MD Foundation and came looking for help. Caring for terminally ill people in an abandoned dilapidated nursery school in the township she had a heart for her community and was battling to make ends meet caring for everyone from her own pocket.  Initially our involvement was to supply food and assistance where we could. We soon realized that the community was suffering without proper support. There was no institution that families could turn to for assistance with terminally ill people.

During January 2011 one of the houses on a MD farm was developed into a fully operational health care center with hospital standard rooms.  Under Patricia’s management the center has gone from strength to strength. The focus of the center is especially to create awareness on HIV and care for critically ill HIV positive patients.  It can accommodate 14 patients. 17 Full time caregivers are employed at the center.

Trying to adhere to the need, we have also developed a home base caregiver program and home based caregivers have been trained to care for the sick in their own home.  Currently they are caring for more than 60 patients in their homes. We are also assisted by the local Methodist Church in this project.

Our challenge remains to fund the growth of the health care center, to accommodate more patients, to employ more medical staff and home based caregivers.  

We have also been faced with vulnerable children turning to the health care center for help.  Our future plans include building a separate center where children can be accommodated and cared for as no such institution exists in our community.

Missio Dei Clinic

To respond to the need of proper health care in the rural areas a building was renovated on one of the farms, Stolberg to serve as a clinic for our community.    Managed by a qualified sister, sr Khaile, it aims to serve the rural community of the surrounding area with basic health care such as dentist visits, immunizations etc.

We have a MOU with Free State Department of Health and in this we can provide and excellent service to care for the people in our community.  This helped us to make the clinic cost effective.

Missio Dei Drop In Centers

In the local township, Meqheleng, children come home from school often to an empty home where they have to wait alone until their parents arrive home from work.  They end up on the streets exposed to the dangers of street life. A center was identified where children could attend after school, receive a meal and be safe. Currently there are two centers of this nature in our township.

The objective of the centers is to give the children love, give them individual care and help with Mathematics and English.  Also to identify vulnerable children and refer them to Social Workers. We train people from the surrounding community to help us in this regard.

The Drop-In center was started in July 2015 and through the years we have gained valuable experience.

In January 2018 we trained 8 volunteers for two intensive weeks and they help us with teaching the children Mathematics, Phonics and Reading.  Training is continued on a weekly basis through the year. The volunteers are enrolled in a discipleship program on a weekly basis, this ensure unity and excellence amongst the volunteers.

At Mehopung Primary School and Qhowaneng Primary School 145 Children in Gr 3 were identified by their teachers to receive extra attention. 

We have an excellent relationship with the Principle and HOD.  Some of the feedback that we received from them was:

‘These kids were identified as slow learners, but now they have passed the other learners.’  

We believe it is due to the joined effort between the Drop-in centre and the teachers.  The individual attention gives children confidence and then the children start to concentrate in the classroom with 50 + children.

Through the grace of God all our children passed last year.

Our challenge is to be able to train more local people to serve as tutors to the children. We would like to expand our program to serve other schools in our area.

We are busy starting 2 more drop in centres in Soshanguve near Pretoria and

1 in Waltloo in the industrial area to the east of Pretoria.  

With the help of the body of Christ we hope to grow and influence more people. May we all be inspired by what God is doing all over the world!

Missio Dei is a registered non-profit company as well as a registered public benefit organisation.

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